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Please remember the calendar attached to these files is static. Changes will be made throughout the month. Always look at the online calendar on our "Welcome Page" of this website.

April 2019 Steeple           "Holy Week and so much more"

March 2019 Steeple        

February 2019 Steeple    "Annual Meeting, Pasta Dinner, and Prepare to Serve" 

January 2019 Steeple      "Happy New Year"

December 2018 Steeple  "Merry Christmas"

November 2018 Steeple

October 2018 Steeple

September 2018 Steeple

July/August 2018 Steeple

June 2018 Steeple

May 2018 Steeple

April 2018 Steeple

March 2018 Steeple (Holy Week Services and so much more)