Light Our Steeple

Hampstead Congregational Church with its Steeple light is a spiritual landmark on Main Street in Hampstead, NH. All are invited to join the tradition of "Lighting the Steeple" for birthdays, special occasions, and in memory of loved ones.

Dedications can be included on the sign in front of the building, in the Sunday service bulletins, Weekly Word e-newsletter, and HCC social media sites.

The suggested donation is $25 per week or $5 per day of lighting. You will be provided with several copies of the week's bulletin.  We can also give you or the honoree a special steeple card letting them know of the lighting. 

Download the form below and return it to us to reserve your day(s)/week(s).

Steeple Lighting Form

Altar Flowers

Altar flowers for the Sunday service may be dedicated in memory of a loved one or in celebration of births, weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions. 

Dedications are included in the Sunday service bulletins and in the Weekly Word emails. You will receive several copies of the bulletin. 

The flowers will be on the altar for your chosen Sunday, and you are then welcome to take them home. 

Call the office to customize your flowers. Suggested donation is $40+ depending on your selection. 

Altar Flowers Form