Hampstead Congregational Church UCC

Welcoming all...Uniting in God's Love...Sharing Christ's Spirit

We are an old church with a history…

We’ve been around since 1752! Founded by English Reformers, our heritage is congregational and covenantal. We discern our calling before God and with one another. As our founding ancestors said, “we, trusting in the grace of God, strive to walk with one another in Christian love, and faithfulness, seeking to do the will of God, be true to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and work for the building of the Kingdom of God.”

We are a relevant church with a mission…
We look to the witness of Scripture and the historic creeds of the Church as guidelines for our faith. We rely on God’s continuing revelation through the Holy Spirit to help us interpret our human experience and discern our calling. We harbor and cultivate respect for each individual’s beliefs, and we encourage the discovery of what we hold in common so we may share in the service of God’s redemptive love.

We are affiliated with the United Church of Christ... 

a denomination constituted by four antecedent Protestant denominations. We are open-minded and big-hearted, and we work, as well as pray, for the triumph of divine love over evil in the world.

We are a forward-looking church engaged in discernment…
We want all to grow in God’s grace-filled spirit! We want to be a vital part of your life, our local community, and the world. We intend to embark on a journey of reflection, discernment, planning, and development. It’s a great time to join us if you harbor passionate concerns and ideas regarding what we might become as a community gathered in Christ’s name seeking to bring and be good news for the world today. 

  • 61 Main Street
  • Hampstead
  • New Hampshire
  • 03841

(603) 329-6985
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