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Hampstead Congregational Church
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      OUR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMSStepping Stone Image 

KINDERGARTEN  (Full-day, half-day academic or half-day enrichment) We offer a unique and flexible kindergarten program that complements or enriches the public school program. Children can attend our morning session, stay for lunch and catch the Hampstead Central School bus at the SSS to attend the half-day afternoon public school session. Another option for Hampstead children is to take the bus to our school after their morning public kindergarten session on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They can have lunch at Stepping Stones and stay with us until 3:00pm for enrichment activities. And our third option is to attend Stepping Stones as their primary kindergarten program for a half-day 8:45am-12:00pm or full day 8:45am to 3:00pm Monday through Thursday. Children from other school districts may attend but we do not provide transportation to other school districts. For more information about our unique and flexible kindergarten program please use the contacts below.  Our school year begins the Monday after Labor Day and ends the Thursday before Memorial Day. We offer summer camp in June for those wanting to extend the school year or bridge the public school calendar.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN 4 YEAR OLDS (FOUR DAYS half-days and full days) The Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed for those turning four year old's by September 30 and ready for more time in the classroom. The 1/2 day program is in session four mornings, Monday through Thursday, from 8:45-12:00. The student/teacher ratio is 10 to 1, far below the state standards. We do have a option for 3 half day. Our full-day program is designed for those children who have just missed the cut-off date for kindergarten and ready for a more academic program but still play-based learning. The full-day class time is 8:45am-3:00pm. The day includes greeting and group planning, small group instruction and activities in Language Arts and Math, daily snacks; small and large group activities in Science and Social Studies, plus Art, Music, stories and outside play. We use a whole- language and literature based reading program, including Alpha Time Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears.  A  hands on math approach forms the basis of our math curriculum. The Pre-kindergarten calendar runs from the second Monday in September to the last Thursday before Memorial Day.  We offer optional camps in June for an extended year.

PRE-SCHOOL (TWO OR THREE DAY OPTION) The pre-school is open to children who are 3 by September 30.  The school is in session three mornings Tuesday through Thursday, from 9:00-11:45am for our three year old class and 9:00-1200pm for our multiage three and four year old class. The student/teacher ratio is 8 to 1.  The mornings include individual and group activities such as blocks, housekeeping, painting, sand and water play books, puzzles, games, cooking, art, music, science, pre-reading and math instruction. This program begins the second Tuesday of Sept. and ends the last Thursday of May before Memorial Day. We offer optional camps in June for an extended year.

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FIRST FRIENDS PLAYGROUP This program is opened to all children at least 2.9 years old as a first introduction to school.  The program is designed around a daily literature based theme.  The morning will consist of crafts, story, music, finger play, and free exploration of classroom activities.  Class times are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9:00-11:45 am.  Sign-ups are limited and based on availability.  We can provide a flexible schedule to meet your family’s needs. Flyer


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 9:00am –12:00noon

Ages 3-6 years



ENRICHMENT AND LUNCH BUNCH The program is opened to all students as an extra enrichment session and others looking for an introduction to school. Children can sign-up on a weekly basis. The children will enjoy a variety of activities that will enhance their early education. Such activities will consist of arts and crafts, music, games, science, literature, and academics in pre-reading and math. Lunch Bunch is offered each day until 1pm. The Enrichment hours are offered Monday through Thursday afternoons until 3:00pm. Early drop-off at 8:30 am can also be arranged for the child. Flyer

PARENTS are always welcome to visit the school. We appreciate their help on field trips and enjoy their participation in our units of study that may relate to their areas of interest. Communication and co-operation between parents and teachers are essential parts of our program. We keep parents informed of school happenings with our newsletters and monthly calendars, plus with daily informal contact at pick up and drop off times. We welcome any information or inquiry that helps us to better understand your child’s needs. There are several times during the year when parents are requested to attend special events planned by the children, conferences, guest mornings and family night. 

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Our programs are carefully planned to meet the on-going needs of each child. We believe that learning is a continuous process. We strive to make this school step a nurturing experience where individual talents are respected and developed. Stepping Stones School is a place to discover and expand, developmentally and academically, the world of the pre-school child. We at the school are committed to maintaining the high standards of quality education that have helped provide the basis for our excellent reputation over the past forty years.

TUITION If you have any questions about the 2023/24 Tuition Prices please contact us by email or phone for current tuition, enrichment, camp and First Friends pricing. 


For more information or to arrange a visit, please feel free to contact the school’s directors: Colleen Bayek @ 603-479-2318/email @  or Terri Malcolm @ 603-329-5938/email @  During school hours call 603-329-8215. Please check out our Facebook Page 

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MISSION STATEMENT The Hampstead Congregational Church founded Stepping Stones School in 1970 as a non-denominational, non-profit, coeducational preschool dedicated to providing a warm, caring environment for learning. The school is guided by a five-member steering committee of church members, former parents, teachers and community members. The school’s directors are responsible for the day-to-day functions of Stepping Stones School. We seek to help children develop into self-confident, secure and happy people, while recognizing their individual gifts and capabilities. Stepping Stones is committed to meeting the unique and complex needs of the three to six year old child, encouraging social cooperation and personal autonomy, while fostering intellectual growth. In the school setting the child learns to adjust to a large social group and accept and appreciate the talents, faiths and cultures of others. We feel that learning to listen, sharing ideas, following directions, and enjoying the on-going process and completion of projects are important steps in developing life-long attitudes of accomplishment and fulfillment. Through language development and pre-reading skills, math, social studies, science, music, movement and art, Stepping Stones provides a creative learning environment including instructional and exploratory time.

FACILITY The Hampstead Congregational Church sponsors and houses this non-denominational, non-profit, coeducational program. We have five classrooms that are well lit and pleasantly equipped. Hadley Hall provides a large indoor area that is used in inclement weather or large group projects and programs. The school has access to a large meeting room for music and parent groups. A well- equipped kitchen is just footsteps from our classrooms for cooking activities. We have a playground area for daily outside play. A keyless security system assures the children are safe in our building.

OUR STAFF We believe the teacher’s role is to help facilitate, with enthusiasm and knowledge, the child’s natural growth and abilities.  Our teachers hold BS degrees in Education and/or are certified teachers. Our staff has many years of teaching experience. We also have backgrounds in special education, creative learning and early childhood education. As a special note, most of our staff are former Stepping Stones parents. They have a unique understanding of the important role parents play in the student’s successful adjustment to school. Our student: teacher ratio is well below the state standards.

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