Spiritual Youth

Picture of the wall on the youth group
Children are an important part of the church community and we take very seriously our responsibility to help them develop their faith in God. We offer a variety of opportunities to help Children and Youth learn about God, and to learn ways to serve God in our local and wider community.

Sunday morning

Children participate in the first part of our Sunday morning worship. Followed by a special lesson provided by our pastor, Rev. Linda Lea Snyder. The children then leave worship to attend the Sunday school program.

In September and October the children will be learning about Stewardship of the earth through the Creation story in Genesis. We will take a trip to a nearby farm, we will dramatize Adam's task of naming all the animals, and the children will examine what it means to have “dominion” over God's creation.

In late October and November the children will learn about sharing our abundance from the story Jesus told in the Gospels about giving.

We will study the books of the Bible to better learn how to use the Bible. We plan to provide each child with their own Bible.

        Youth Groups 


Hampstead Congregational church offers a youth group program for those in sixth grade through high school. The children in 5th, 6th,7th and 8th grade have opportunities to meet regularly for activities at the church and frequently outside the church: at a rock wall climbing place or miniature golf course. This group helps several local families by raking yards and helping to ready their homes for winter. The youth in high school meet for fellowship activities and also in service. Each year the Senior high youth group spends a week on a Mission trip. In 2009 the group helped prepare a summer camp for handicapped children and in 2010 the group spent a week on Staten Island, NY serving the poor and homeless through the program Project Hospitality.

Youth Group 30 hour famine

Our youth continued a long tradition of fasting for a weekend while performing service projects on Saturday, April 9. It also involves becoming more aware of how hunger, homelessness and poverty exists in our communities in New Hampshire. This year was no exception other than reducing the number of hours of fasting due to our group being much younger this year. Our participants included Alan M., Senica M., Sarah M., and advisors Katie Guest and David Chin.

They started the morning researching hunger facts and the inefficiencies in how we distribute and waste food. Next up we went to the JFK Ice Rink in Manchester to pack and layout surplus food while dozens of people waited anxiously. While mostly breads and baked goods, a few produce staples like potatoes, onions, carrots and celery were also available. The gratefulness and thanks from many of the people was observed by all of us.

They returned to the church to continue adding to our research on hunger facts. One item we found encouraging is that fewer people in New Hampshire are affected by inadequate food than the rest of the country. However a further reduction of food inadequacy throughout the world would be great.

Nearing the 12th hour of fasting we went to a mall food court. The smells provided a tough challenge to focus on observing the various food vendors and their customers. The observation confirmed that portion sizes were large and many people threw out the excess.

The fasting lasted only 14 hours. But the experience provided memorable and teachable moments. On Sunday the group provided a short presentation to the congregation during Children of God time. We thank those who were present to share in what our youth experienced and learned about hunger and food waste. Congratulations to Alan, Senica and Sarah for their sacrifice.


Our Youth Group were some of the people who joined together at BeanTowne on Sunday April 24th to pack 10,000 meals for the hungry. We also had many adult members of our congregation there including Marion Lake, David Chin, Kari Allard-Moyer, Wendy Jowett, Teri Malcolm, Eric Malcolm and Megan Malcolm there was a big turnout of community that there were to many helpers so they shifted people in and out of jobs. It took a little over 3 hours. If you can read the saying on the wall of BeanTowne it says “BeanTowne exits to be an example of what the World should be on their Very Best Day”. That saying held true.

Youth Group Raking Project

Our Youth Group yearly rakes leaves for people in need. It is a great project to get them in touch with the community.

All youth are welcome and each youth is encouraged to bring a friend.

For more information please contact us @ (603) 329-6985.