The Work is Well Underway!                                                                                                    

 We have met 43%
of our 3-year goal!

Preservation and repair work began in May 2022 with the scraping and painting of the building’s exterior, 
and continued into the summer. Thank you to our generous donors who have already helped us reach2023
 of our goal through pledges and contributions!

Projects Completed so Far:

Scraping and painting of the sanctuary's exterior
Removal and resurfacing of majority of Hadley Hall flooring 
New carpet in foyer and hallway outside bathrooms
New floors in women’s and kid’s bathrooms
•       New floor in kitchen

Next Up:
Repair and restoration of steeple
Repair/replacement of sanctuary windows
Repair/replacement of front entry doors and millwork

A Picture Gallery of Progress!

CC Scraping Of Church      CC Front Of Church     CC Painted Church
After extensive scraping, the exterior of the sanctuary received two coats of fresh paint. 

CC Grinding Of Hadley Hall Floors     CC Grinding Of Hadley Hall Floors     CC New Hadley Hall Floor
Using state-of-the-art diamond grinders, workers ground down the top layer of Hadley Hall’s concrete floor, leaving a highly-polished, easy-to-maintain surface. 

Foyer 2022 Hallway 2022  CC Women's Bathroom Kitchen 2022

We have new carpet in the foyer and hallway, as well as beautiful new floors in the kitchen and women's and kid's bathrooms! 

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